27-29 December, 2023

Welcome to BB Goalie Academys Christmas Camp Elite 27-29 December in CIK-hallen/Knivsta Ishall/rink, Knivsta, in collaboration with our partner Future Star Academy.

The camp suits you who are passionate about developing your goalkeeping game and who's not afraid to work hard. We look at the goaltending game as a whole and challenge your actions on the ice. During this three day camp you will work on both your strengths and your weaknesses in order to develop as much as possible as a goalie. Goalies born 2013 and older are welgome to sign up. In addition to the ice sessions, there is also one theory session and one off ice session per day.

Location: CIK-hallen/Knivsta ishallIrink, Parkvägen 31 A, Knivsta, Sweden






27-29 December


3 995 SEK


Goalies born 2013 & older - The goalies are divided in to different age groups on the ice


  • 6 goalie sessions á 1 h 20 minutes
  • 3 off ice sessions
  • 3 theory sessions
  • 3 lunches
  • Snack


3 995 SEK (including a booking fee of 1500 SEK). We only offer day student at this camp. If you need to book a staying, please see the information further down below.


Our discounts work the following way: When you have attended one camp or academy, you will get 5% discount on the next one you book. When you have attended two camps/academies, you get 10% discount on all the upcoming camps/academies you book during the same calendar year. The discounts are only valid if you attended the previous camps/academies you booked the same year. Please note that we don't have any discounts on our Summer Camp but a finished Summer Camp gives you discount on the following camps the same calendar year. If you have the right to get a discount, we will put it on the final payment (if you choose the option to pay the booking fee upon booking). If you choose to pay the whole camp fee upon booking, we will transfer the discount back to you when we're processing the bookings. Our discounts are valid for each calendar year.


If you wish to book a hotel close to the rink you have this option: SÄRSTA VÄRDSHUS. You do the booking by yourself. If you mention "BB Goalie" the price for a double room is 1350 SEK* per night (1050 SEK for a single room), incl. breakfast, *this offer is valid as long as there are available rooms. You can also book hotel/hostel in Uppsala or at Arlanda Airport (unfortunately we do not have any specific offer there, but recommend you to look for available rooms at for example You can also search for palces to stay in Knivsta (or nearby) on Airbnb.

It takes 9 minutes by commuter train from Uppsala C (central station) to Knivsta Station, and 8 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Since Knivsta is a part of Uppsala county, you find the prices for youth UL-tickets HERE.

From Stockholm C (central station) to Knivsta Station the trip by commuter train takes 46 minutes. Please note that you need a combined SL/UL-ticket to take this trip, or a supplementary ticket. You can read more about this HERE.

There is a 400 meter walk from Knivsta Station to the rink.


We do not offer any transfer for this camp, but it is easy to get form Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Knivsta by commuter train, taxi or Uber. As mentioned above, the commuter train from Arlanda Airport to Knivsta Station takes 8 minutes and then there's a 400 meter walk to the rink.


We'll send you camp info and schedule at least a week before the camp starts.

Terms & Conditions:  The registration is binding and BB Goalie Academy reserves the right to retain the booking fee if the camp is being canceled by the attendant. If the camp is being cancelled later than 20 days before the camp start, the full camp fee is retained. Exceptions may apply in case of injury or illness prior to camp start, then the camp fee, minus the booking fee, is refunded if a medical certificate from a public health establishment is being sent to BB Goalie Academy, proving the inability to attend. Please note that the complete camp fee must be BB Goalie Academy at hand when the camp starts, else we stipulate the right to deny the goalkeeper to attend the camp. There are no refunds of the registrations fee once the camp is booked. Your find our full terms and conditions here. If exceptional external circumstances (eg the Corona virus situation) forces BB Goalie Academy to cancel the camp, BB Goalie Academy retains 200 SEK in administrative fees while the rest of the camp fee is credited. When signing up for the camp, you accept these terms and conditions.

To be able to camps you need to have a player profile. If you already have one, please log in to that to book the camp. Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.